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Simply put, the answer is yes. Whether you need your home inspected in order to sell, need an inspection performed on your new home, or haven’t had your home inspected in a few years and want an updated condition report, it is important that you choose a licensed professional to get the job done right. Here are some dangers that you are at risk of when your home is inspected by an unlicensed inspector and how to avoid them:

Overpaying for Services

Many unlicensed home inspectors charge the same amount (or more!) for an inspection as licensed professionals do. Would you pay the same price for a partial inspection that may be inaccurate and carelessly done as you would an in-depth, detailed home inspection performed by someone with years of professional experience and licensing? Don’t waste money and settle for less. Let an expert handle your inspection and get what you pay for!

Incorrect Diagnoses

Unlicensed inspectors may underdiagnose or over-diagnose issues in order to benefit themselves. Perhaps they decide to tell you that an appliance in your house is failing (when it’s either in working condition or easily self-fixable) because they themselves can offer and provide replacement of it in order to make more money off of you. On the other hand, the inspector may not be experienced enough to properly diagnose all issues and may leave minor or major problems undiagnosed. Being unaware of repairs that are necessary for your home or having repairs suggested or completed when they aren’t necessary can cause plenty of added stress and issues for you.

Trouble Selling Your Home

If you are having an inspection completed during the process of selling your home, it is ideal (and sometimes required) that you have the inspection completed by a licensed professional. Unlicensed inspectors with ulterior motives may advise you to perform major repairs that could severely affect the time in which your house is sold and may also affect the selling price in a negative way. An unlicensed inspector missing a repair that is necessary to the home can also cause potential buyers to back out or reconsider the home’s selling price once they become aware of the issue.

Troubles Buying a New Home

If you are having an inspection performed on a home you are intending to purchase, not having a licensed inspector perform it may cause a number of problems. Having a thorough inspection completed and being completely aware and understanding of the issues found in the home is essential to a less stressful home buying process. Have an expert who is licensed in home inspections fully examine the home to lessen the chances of potential or current problems being missed.

Instead of risking your money, satisfaction, and peace of mind on an unlicensed inspector, contact the Certified Professional Inspectors (CPI) at 4U Home. We pride ourselves on being expert at thoroughly and properly inspecting your home and will work with you to ensure you understand all results and findings. Call us today and be confident that you and your home are in good hands!