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Home inspections are a valuable tool for any home buyer or home seller in Maryland. As a buyer, you will be able to get a better picture about the condition of the property. And as a seller, you will get a chance to correct some issues before the buyer comes back with complaints, which makes for a faster and smoother closing. So what kind of issues do Maryland home inspectors usually find? From our experience, here is the list of problems that can potentially derail the sale.

Poor Grading

Poor grading may seem like a cosmetic issue, but it’s much more serious. When the ground slopes toward the house, rather than away from it, there is increased risk of moisture problems and leaks in the basement or crawlspace. Increased moisture, in turn, could lead to such issues as mold, foundation cracks, and even foundation movement. Needless to say, when it comes to the foundation, many home buyers will walk away from a home that has problems.

Roofing Problems

Leaking foundation may only affect your basement, but a leaking roof could cause damage all throughout the house. Some minor roof problems we find include missing or damaged flashing, missing shingles, damaged fascia board, etc. But the biggest concern is probably a roof that is approaching the end of its lifespan. To a prospective home buyer, this means an expensive replacement in the near future. And no one wants to replace the roof right after they buy a house.

Unsafe Electrical Work

Electrical system can be rather expensive to repair because it often requires opening up the walls. Older homes tend to have more electrical issues as a result of improper system additions aimed to provide support for new appliances. Deteriorating or rodent-damaged wiring is another problem, as well as the insufficient power supply for a modern family’s electrical needs.

Outdated Plumbing

Unfortunately, many older homes were built with defective or unreliable materials, such as clay sewer lines or polybutylene plumbing. The latter is a ticking time bomb that can rapture any minute, causing expensive property damage. Other plumbing issues include leaky toilets, faucets and plumbing leaks.

HVAC Problems

Heating and air conditioning accounts for a good portion of the energy bill, which is why making sure everything is OK with these systems is very important to potential buyers. Some of the common issues we run into with HVAC equipment are improper or non-traditional installation and poor maintenance. Moisture stains on the furnace, disconnected supply ducts, dirty air filters and damaged insulation are some of the signs that HVAC equipment is not performing at its top efficiency.

Many of these problems are difficult to spot if you don’t know what you are looking for. That’s why hiring an experienced home inspector is the best way to get the full picture about the property you are planning to purchase.